Three Major Types of Insurance for Salons – Make Sure You’re Covered

Hair salons, just like other forms of businesses, also require commercial insurance coverage that can protect them from loss and damages. Today, there are many insurance companies which provide coverage policies to the hair salon industry.

Even though you always stick to the rules, and you have a battalion of faithful and loyal customers, accidents can happen at the most unexpected times. While it makes perfect sense to focus on your business and your customers, it is a must that you got the best beauty salon insurance to back you up and protect you from any financial losses.

Why is Hair Salon Insurance Important?

There are several reasons why getting an insurance coverage for your salon is imperative:

  • The industry of hair salons is mainly composed of small businesses, in which the top 50 chains only account for 15% of overall revenue.

  • There are over 86,000 hair salons in the United States alone, 4,000 of which are barber shops.

  • 80 percent of hair salons have less than 5 employees.

  • Combined revenue of hair salons in 2012 reached $20 billion.

Many hair salons are small local chains or one-shop businesses. Their small size is what makes them even more prone to financial losses due to break-ins lawsuit, or fire.

Salon Insurance for Every Salon

If you happen to be like most salon owners, your livelihood depends on your small business. It doesn’t matter if you have plans to expand to more new locations, or you are just starting with your salon journey. You will definitely need the best beauty salon business insurance to help keep your precious investment safe and secure.

From hair salons, to spas, nail salons, and other types of esthetician services, here are some of the main types of insurance that you might want to check out:

  1. Salon Liability Insurance – It is a type of insurance that offers financial protection in the event that a customer incurs property damage or bodily insurance in your business, and files a lawsuit. For instance, if a client slips and falls, the insurance will be the one to pay for her medical expenses, as well as any settlement or judgment amount you owe. This will also cover your legal defense expenses.

  2. Workers Compensation Insurance – When you have employees, you will need workers compensation coverage for protecting you from financial loss as the result of on the job illnesses and injuries. The coverage helps employees through paying a part of lost income, rehabilitation expenses, and medical bills. This will also keep you protected from lawsuits. Many policies stipulate that once an employee accepts workers compensation payments, he or she agrees not to sue the business.

  3. Casualty and Property Insurance – It covers damage to the building where your salon is located, whether it is yours or you are just leasing it. Casualty insurance will cover the property you keep within the walls of your salon, including chairs, counters, computers, styling equipment, tanning beds, and products.

If you are looking for the best insurance for your salon, you can check out to find the one that will suit you and your business.

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