How to Claim Progressive Renters insurance coverage

The company named Progressive Insurance established in 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green to give an insurance opportunity to the owner of vehicles with coverage of “Security and Protection” to the owner that has helped revolutionize the insurance industry. From the past decades, Progressive has grown to become one of the largest insurers in the world.

The company was the first in a race that introduces the drive-in claims and paying the insurance premiums in instalments process to make auto insurance smooth and easy for all the beneficiaries of the insurance. This is the way that Progressive is the best known for its vehicle insurance and that is why it is the 3rd largest company in the field of vehicle insurance provider but it also offers Life, Home and Renters insurances. Since its founding, the company has expanded to encompass many insurance offerings.

What is Progressive Renters Insurance Coverage?

The term Renter insurance in the Progressive Insurance is an agreement between insurers and the insurance company that covers all the things which include damage to your belongings, injuries at your place, lawsuits against you, etc. It doesn’t cover the place or a physical structure you live in because that’s the responsibility of your landlord. When you get renters insurance, you’re purchasing “coverages,” which are essential things your insurer agrees to pay for the monthly in instalments.

In the renter insurance covers your belongings such as furniture, clothes, appliances, electronics, and many other items, if they’re damaged or stolen or some injuries that you’re liable for legal fees and even hotel expenses if you need a place to stay within a particular coverage.

How do the renter insurance work?

When you decided to buy this insurance, your insurer or an agent will ask a few questions about you, your belongings, and your place. Then you’ll get some options from that insurer or an agent when picking coverages and their premiums. Normally, if you need more in your coverage, the higher your price will be in your bag that you have to pay as an instalment. At that moment if your belongings stolen or damaged or something else happens like injuries, you can register a “claim.” That’s just a term requesting payment based on what’s protected on your policy up to the specified limits for particular damage.

Benefits of Progressive Renters Insurance?

After gaining the fundamental understanding of what Progressive Renters Insurance is, let’s take a look at its key benefits of this renter insurance: 

Protection from Fire or natural damage

The fire protection or protection from natural damage is add in a clause on a renter’s insurance become very useful when my apartment building caught on fire during the year of college. While the personal items were not damaged in the fire, the insurance company paid for my colleagues and to stay at a hotel for a week and even gave us money for food until our apartment treated for smoke damage and repairs. For this, you need a monthly premium to get insured for your belongings. 

Protection from Damages which Caused by you

If the damage caused by you like getting fire in your rental place that spreads to your neighbour’s rental as well, you may responsible for all the damages they incur unless you have renters liability insurance covers. Briefly, the renter insurance gives full coverage car insurance just like the renter insurance that protects you from most of the damages that you may cause or happen it by mistakes.

Protection from guests’ Injuries

If you have renters insurance and a guest falls in your rental and gets injured, your policy of the insurance may cover the cost of the medical facilities and legal bills. In this case, renters insurance gives renters added protection from potential financial damages that may otherwise become life-changing scenarios for your finances.

How to get renters insurance?

The company offers various ways to buy renters insurance. Here’s how you can buy insurance through Progressive: Head over to Progressive Renters Insurance Login to know more.

Via Online

In this process, the insurers will ask a few simple questions to you online through their website or app, then you’ll choose your coverages and start date.

Call a Rep.

In this scenario, you’ll speak with a company’s licensed renter’s representative who can walk you through everything in detail. For this method, you have to call the company’s expert on 866-749-7436.

Through an agent

If you want local advice before getting into that insurance policy, we will connect you with a licensed independent agent near your place and give you all the details so that you can choose it with patience.


Progressive has great coverage plans for Renters, Health, Life, Home, and Vehicles insurances. However, they make satisfied you get the best plan for your money and show you how it works. They very helpful, and they there for you when you need them, and they consistently keep up the most efficient options to support you with your problems. Plus, the claims are easy to file. 

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